About Us

Quality, dependable, loving care for your pets when you’re away.

Who We Are

We’re animal lovers and experienced owners just like you. We understand the importance of maintaining the same consistent daily routine and we want to make sure your pets feel loved and taken care of while keeping up with the same schedule, in the atmosphere – they’re most comfortable in.

Your pets will miss you while you’re gone, but we will give them all the attention they deserve and desire. While you’re away, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your pets and house are kept the way you would keep it.

Why Use A Pet Sitter

1. Because your pet will be in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, eliminating the risks of stress, depression and disease that come with boarding.

2. Given one-on-one attention, love, exercise and playtime.

3. Staying with their regular diet, routine and medication schedule.

4. Receiving the care and potty breaks they need during long work days or evenings when you can’t get home to them right away.

Your home will be more secure, as we can alter your lights and shading while you’re away and keep newspapers and mail from piling up.

At Wagmore Quality Pet Care, we like to believe the greatest service we provide is love. Your pets are our passion. 

Contact Details

Phone: (484) 459-0953
Email: bob@wagmorequalitypetcare.com

Serving Pennsylvania: Newtown Square, Glen Mills, Edgemont, Paoli, Berwyn, Havertown, Wayne, Springfield, Drexel Hill, Media, and surrounding areas.