At Wagmore Quality Pet Care, we like to believe the greatest service we provide is love. Your pets are not merely a paycheck – they are our passion. However, in addition to love, they require care and attention… and well… we do that pretty darned well, too!


In the interest of simplifying our fee structure, our services are provided in terms of time required to properly and effectively care for your home and pets. With the exception of dog walks, you’ll find no upcharges for additional pets, unique species, medication administration, etc.


The types of visits we provide include:

our services

Initial Consultation

During our initial visit, we meet with you and your pets, answer any questions you may have, fill out New Client paperwork, discuss your pet’s care, tour your home and collect keys to your home..

Quick Visits

Quick Visits are drop-ins of 5-10 minutes to take care of chores such as collecting mail, turning on/off lights, open/close windows and shades, etc. A Quick Visit fee is also charged to pick up keys on subsequent visits in the event you wish to have your keys returned following each service period. Quick Visits may not be used for pet care unless limited to medication administration.

Intermediate Visits

Intermediate Visits are 30 minutes in length and include the following services: dog-walking, litter box maintenance, feeding/treats, medication, playtime and lots of love, collect mail/newspapers and alter lights and shading. At the end of our visit, we remove all food cans, debris and packaging from your home, along with animal waste. We do not leave bagged waste to fester in your home.

In the interest of your pet’s health and well-being, Intermediate Visits are limited to two dogs or three cats, unless an Extended Visit is scheduled the same day.

Extended Visits

Extended Visits are 60 minutes in length and include the same services as an Intermediate Visit, plus: additional love and playtime, basic grooming (brushing), watering of indoor and/or outdoor plants, curbing or bringing in trash cans and providing food and/or water for outside birds and wildlife.

Overnight visits

Overnight Visits provide your pets with extra attention and your home with added security in your absence. These visits are between 10-12 hours in length and are typically scheduled during the hours of 8pm through 8am. During an Overnight Visit, your pets will enjoy all the benefits of two Extended Visits (one in the evening and another in the morning). We provide our own bed and linens and welcome your furry kids to cuddle up with us.

Dog walks

The perfect solution for dog owners who work long days or wish to go out after work without having to stop home. We can also schedule additional Dog Walks on days when longer visits are provided. These are 20 minute visits, most of which is spent walking your dog(s) around the neighborhood… with a few minutes set aside for love and cuddles.

Pet taxi service

Pick up, drop off or attendance for pet veterinary or grooming visits.

errand running

We are available to make trips to pick up pet food, supplies and general non-pet related errand running.

Home Appointments

Need someone at the house to admit/supervise the cable company, plumber, furniture delivery, etc.? We’re here to help. Rather than interrupt your day, we’ll do the waiting for you.

If you desire or require a service not outlined above, please don’t hesitate to ask. We understand your pets aren’t just special – sometimes, they have special needs. We would be delighted to help you meet them.


We provide care for all types of pets – dogs (no breed restrictions), cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, etc. The only service we will not provide is the feeding of one living animal to another.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.